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GigaMan Ethernet Internet – The Perfect Networking and Connectivity Solution

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GigaMan Ethernet Internet solutions is ideal for businesses and academic institutions as well as other organizations with massive networking and connectivity requirements. GigaMan solutions are perfect for businesses with multiple locations inside a common regional or metropolitan area. T1 bandwidth solutions are simply not enough for the larger sized business organizations. With GigaMan services, consumers can have a more cost-effective solution for more intensive data transmission as well as connectivity needs. Take advantage of high-speed inter-location data transmissions for the most critical of business applications. Avail of ultra fast Internet connections for an edge over the immediate competition with GigaMan Ethernet Internet solutions.

The Fastest Networking System with High-Speed ​​Internet Connectivity

GigaMan is one of the fastest networking solutions available in the market today. GigaMan is capable of attaining data transmission speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second over a robust, fiber optic network. This is 26 times faster than standardized DS-3 connections of about 155 Maps. Businesses with existing network systems are also saved from additional expenses when implementing GigaMan solutions. GigaMan Ethernet Internet is highly compatible with most network configurations and can be directly plugged into an existing gigabit switch or router for instant access to GigaMan services.

Implement an Extensive Physical Network between Dispersed Locations

Most networking solutions between satellite locations in the same geographical area are bounded by physical range limitations. However, GigaMan solutions are capable of forging direct, highly reliable connections between dispersed locations with a peak physical range of 180 miles from endpoint to endpoint. Hence, GigaMan Ethernet Internet is the best solution for businesses requiring high capacity, high speed communications and transmission requirements between locations in the same metropolitan or regional area.

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Are All Domain Extensions Created Equal?

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Are all domain extensions created equal?

A Short History of .com

Your domain is similar to the license plate on your car. You have to pay a fee and register it with a domain registrar like the DMV. It identifies you as the owner and determines where you are within the cyber space world. It expires within a set period of time, and you have the option to put it online or (park it) somewhere with your preferred web host.

Even after 30 years, the .com is one of the most sought after extensions. .com stands for commercial – initially intended for commercial was originally meant to represent non-profit organizations, .net (stands for network) was supposed to indicate networking technologies operators. The (.com /.org /.net) distinction has taken on a whole new meaning and is now more unrestricted in its use than ever.

.com was one of the first top-level extensions on the internet and was directed and overseen by the US Department of Defense. However, maintenance was done by SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) which created the Network Information Center. Their main purpose was to govern domain name allocations and provide a directory service. In 1993, the National Science Foundation took over and partnered with Network Solutions. They instituted the idea of ​​charging an annual fee for those who wanted to register a domain name. Mainly's weren't being used for any defense purposes. In its infancy, the fee was 50 dollars a year. 35.00 went to the National Science Foundation and 15.00 to the government. In 1997, The United States Department of Commerce took over these responsibilities. Internet operations today are now being overseen by VeriSign (which acquired Network Solutions).

Differences in domain extensions

These days, .com's are the most established and recognized extension in the internet world. No longer is it reserved for commercial sites but for anyone (personal, organization, or business) looking to create a good website and gain some legitimacy. Even with the introduction in 2001 (that would only be used for business), the popularity of .com has not diminished. The first domain name registered on the internet using .com was on March 15, 1985. Their company aided in the development of computers. The second was on April 24, 1985, followed by on May 24, 1985. Today, the number of registered .com's exceeds over 100 million. This makes it number one – even among the largest top-level domains – beating out .net, .org, and others. Domain names can get pricey, in fact, was worth 35.6 million in 2010, was valued at 35 million in 2007, and commanded an impressive appraisal of 30.1 million in 2012.

Nearly 52% of Google visitors use .com. But .com, .net, .org are unrestricted and open to the public to use. Some domain names, however, are not open. For example, .gov must be a division of federal, state, or local government as well as Native Sovereign Nations. .edu is reserved for 4-year public universities or educational institutions that grant is restricted to divisions of the US military.

Why Domain Names are so important

Domain names are how people find you; what people need to remember to find your site again, to buy your services, products, and read your articles. They are one of the most essential parts of marketing. For this reason, it can give what your selling legitimacy and instill confidence and value. The domain name is an important part of your brand. Your entire website name is also factored into Google's ranking algorithm. The better you're ranked, the better your chances for people to find you.

The Differences between Domain Names

This being said, .com is more popular for a reason. Anyone can type the name of a website into a search engine and find it easily. In some ways, .com has become a kind of default in the system, and it's simply easier for people to recall a .com address. For other domain names, more branding is required for people to get used to using it. If done properly, not using .com shouldn't matter. .org and .net are the second and third runner's up in popularity One of things to keep in mind is that some registrars will charge extra for .org and .net. Using .net would be a great choice for subject matter that is technically related if it fits into your branding plan. It might also be a plus if your company name ends with net. Be careful with using .org since it was intended for non-profit use, if used for anything else it may brew distrust among consumers. Although many people have strayed from the .org's original design; make sure it's a good fit for you and your enterprise. You want to build a strong foundation from the beginning.

The biggest thing to keep in mind – create a brand complete with trustworthy, honest content on your website. Finding something that is memorable and fits the image of your brand is the ultimate win-win. Something else to consider: there isn't much difference between the domain name extension and a better SEO rating. We consumers, readers, and visitors have become creatures of habit – we still view a .com as a business (for the most part) and .org as an organization (mainly non-profit). After that, the next big difference is price. As someone who is selling anything, public perception is paramount. One thing to consider is that .com, .org, and .net are the most popular. People recognize them as more trustworthy over other extensions (such as info or .biz). One strategy is to buy all available extensions to avoid any trademark or competitor issues.

You've come along way, baby

A lot has changed since 1985. Since the .com's humble beginnings (of being one of the only games-in-town), there are now over 100 extension choices. Experts in any field may opt or adventurous types may adorn the .ninja extension. There are also ways to distinguish your field of expertise, location, or establishment with a .lawyer, .london, or .club premium extension.

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Choosing a Domain Name – The Most Important Considerations

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These days actually getting a domain name could not be easier. Simply go to a domain name registration company like Network Solutions and they will guide you through the process. In fact, if you have a Network Solutions offer code, they'll do it for even cheaper. However, because so many domain names are taken, finding a good domain name is probably harder than ever. Here's how to get the best domain name for your site.

If you are hoping to make long term profits with your website and especially if you are hoping to support an already established bricks and mortar business, branding is the most important consideration. If you want repeat visitors and don't want to rely completely on the search engines, they have to remember your brand.

A good brand is unique. Don't use a misspelling of an already established website. The search engines are getting better and better at detecting that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, if the brand name is already taken, it is best to just think of a new one especially if the site taking it will be one of your competitors as you'll continuously loose business to it. Just ask the guy that had The fact is, people still the most prestigious domain so if at all possible, you are going to want to get

A good domain is also easy to spell. Like I said earlier, search engines are getting better and better at noticing misspellings but it is still not a good idea to rely on them completely. Many of your visitors will want to type the name in directly and will get very annoyed if they have to visit a search engine every time they want to visit your site.

A good domain name is relatively short. Here you are going to run into problems. The shorter the domain name, the more likely it is taken. Before you get too excited about any name, be sure to check the registry at Network Solutions or your domain name registration company of choice to see if it is available. Don't worry too much about this though. If a domain name is unique, easy to spell, and remember, its length isn't as important. After all, is much easier to remember than, even though it's 3.5 times as long.

Finally, if possible, a good domain name has the target keywords in it. There is a lot of debate on how much having the keyword in a domain helps, but no one argues that it doesn't help at all. If you are in it for the long term, branding is by far the most important consideration. However, if you can get a keyword into a good brand, it will make things just a little bit easier. Having said that, don't just throw in a bunch of keywords separated by hyphens. After all, I'm guessing that you use more often than

In the end, domain names are important, but creating good content and promoting it are the keys to success on the internet. So grab your Network Solutions offer code from below (or use another service, that's fine too) and get the best domain that you can.

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Advantages of White Labeling Your Ad Server

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White labeling the ad network solutions facilitates serving ads to the targeted audience on web pages, mobile screens and online videos, with your private label attached to them. It allows you to leverage all the features and functions of its ad servers under your brand name, at a reasonably lesser cost. The white labeling option provides the publishers, advertisers use the application’s interface, to manage roles, to activate customized emails with their business logo, caption and color.

Some companies provide white labeling either as an option or a built-in feature for those who need a fully branded solution for their ad serving needs.

Custom Interface

User Interface redesigned to reflect your labels exclusive to your brand. Reports you generate for your Publishers and Advertisers in the network are labeled with your name. The control panel is customized to carry your logo, caption, headers and footers on your standards.

Custom Domain

Roles, functions and permissions can be defined as per your organization standards and have a separate sign-in into the application for your employees. When your advertisers login into your domain, they see the application running in your brand name. Better advantage is that it gives a better and more organized admin support to create and manage accounts of your employees, Publishers and Advertisers.

Custom Ad Serving Domain

The ad serving codes from your domain can be customized to carry your labels. The visitors that come to the websites in your network will not know that you are using a third-party ad server. You could implement your own algorithms for serving ads online in your network.

Custom Messages and emails

Instead of having messages and email sent in our name, you can have an integrated, white labeled email broadcasting system.

Additionally, the reports on the ad’s performance, payouts, bills, etc. can be generated in your name. Both email and report templates can also be done according to your custom patterns.

White label ad servers give a plethora of benefits for your online advertising,

a. Branding

Higher and richer brand recognition. The professional quotient it brings along is sure to increase the brand value among your advertisers.

b. Safety

With a white label SSL certificate, you can ensure a safe ad serving under your branded domain.

c. Saving Time and Money

White label ad server is the best solution as you would require no additional resources and tools to privatize your application and interface, saving you both cost and time, which can be invested on your business tasks and customer service.

White labeling provides you a complete branded ad server solution, that covers the entire scope of ad serving activities and monetization responsibilities with an organized domain management.

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DS3 Bandwidth, Business Ethernet, Or SONET – How to Decide the Best Solution For a Computer Network

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When deciding what technology to adopt for your computer network every business must understand the basics of that thought process. The truth is there’s benefits and drawbacks to each option. Choosing the right one can be complicated. So you’ll need to consider several factors before making a final decision.

You first need to thoroughly evaluate your current network. Uncovering and resolving any bottlenecks that might exist internally is crucial before spending potentially thousands of dollars on a new technology solution. You should start by creating some data models and using a network analyzer to get a handle on your network utilization. It’s a good idea to use a network modeling application to provide a more complete model of your network. This approach will provide you a more accurate assessment of your network performance and where there may be issues needing attention, if any.

Next, you need to identify your bandwidth requirements. The application(s) employed on your network currently, and planned for the future, is the most important measure when it comes to determining bandwidth. Let me repeat that…. it is crucial to consider both current AND future network applications. For example, if e-mail is the only application, an ISDN line should satisfy your bandwidth needs. Depending on the number of users you could probably get away with a simple T1 line or maybe a fractional T1 too. However, if there is a need to pump voice, data and video through the network, with guaranteed delivery, DS3 bandwidth or SONET (e.g. OC3 Bandwidth) is the best solution. Where available, Business Ethernet would be a viable option for this case also. If you are just looking to speed up access to the Internet, consider leased lines sized to the number of users and your projected saturation points.

The decision for bandwidth requirements also depends on the network topology and the number of sites that must be interconnected. For instance, if your WAN (Wide Area Network) topology is designed to connect multiple locations, consider MPLS. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) allows you to connect multiple sites quickly and efficiently. However, for a point-to-point connection leased lines might be the best solution. Keep in mind that T-1 pricing (as well as DS3) is based on distance. The longer the distance between the two sites, the higher the cost. The lesson learned here is to be sure to evaluate all of your options before investing in leased lines.

Also, it is important to define a realistic timetable for deployment. Do you need more bandwidth today, or can you wait for future technologies to emerge? Does a phased install make sense with fractional or burstable solutions implemented for an initial backbone…. with expansion later? These are some of the options to consider to ensure you have what you need… when you need it.

Finally, consider the cost. Getting access to ATM (e.g. DS3) or SONET (e.g. OC-3) networks can be expensive, and the equipment can be even more costly. Solutions such as T-1 and DS-3 can carry large upfront installation and equipment costs, along with high monthly costs. Note that I said can. Costs today are coming down across the board….. so depending on location and provider, you could find a great deal with free equipment and lower than usual circuit pricing. Keep in mind also that Business Ethernet is less costly than an equivalent DS3 and certainly less pricey than an OC-3. As long as the area of the intended install location is already lit with fiber.

Overall, you currently have a variety of technologies available to you offering a plethora of choices in wide-area connectivity. As the future unfolds you should expect to see a further increase in both availability and variety of technologies as even more advancements occur…. and price points adjust accordingly. If you follow the guidelines above when making your network decision, it’s likely that your company should see more bandwidth for fewer bucks. For help navigating the process and ensuring that you get exactly what you need at the most cost effective price…. I suggest using the free assistance available through Network Solutions.

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Find Your Router IP Address Easily

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Routers act as the mediator between your computer and broadband connection. It selects the best route to deliver your data packet to the host, boosting speed significantly. They are located at a gateway, the converging point for two or more networks. Broadband and wireless routers are the two most commonly used types of routers.

The IP address translates to the Internet Protocol address. Every router has one. It is a string of numbers that acts as an identifying label for the device participating in the computer network. Here's a list of the default IP addresses according to the brand.

· Linksys –

Netgear and D-Link –

Belkin and SMC –

It is necessary to know the router's IP address if you want to access the web-based configuration page. While there are websites listing the default router IP address, yours might have changed due to the following reasons. There might have been an infrastructure change on the ISP end. You might have updated the firmware, resulting in a change in the interface. There might have been an interception, where someone could have gained access to your device and changed the settings on your network. Unknown to you, there is a possibility it was changed during router setup.

A router works with two IP addresses. The external one is the numerical label that it uses to communicate across the Internet. On the other hand, the private one is the device identity on a local areas network.

Steps to Find Your Router IP Address

The router should be connected to an internet connection to get the IP address. You can use an Ethernet cable or do so wirelessly. This is a primary requirement.

A. Internal IP Address

Step 1: Open up the "Start" Menu on your PC.

Step 2: In the search box, type "cmd", you will see a listing with "cmd.exe". Click to open a Windows system dialog box. There is alternate Step 2. After clicking the "Start" Menu, click the "Run" command. In the dialogue box that appears, type "cmd" and press "OK". It will open the same, Windows System dialog box.

Step 3: Type "ipconfig" and press "Enter"

Step 4: This displays in front of you various values ​​under Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection. You have to check the numerical string listed as "Default Gateway".

On a Mac, the procedure looks like this:

Step 1: Access the "System Preferences" section and click "Network" icon.

Step 2: Along the left pane, you will see options such as "Wi-Fi", "Bluetooth Pan" etc.

Step 3: If you are connected to the "Wi-Fi" network, the radio button shows green. In the right pane, the Status shows "Connected" and below you will read a sentence such as the following "Wi-Fi is connected to ______ and has the IP address _____"

If you are not very tech savvy and would like to skip the hassles of these two procedures, you can simply use a router detector software to find your router IP address online easily. You can also use Google to find out the same.

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Wireless Network Solutions – Need of Today

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A wireless network solution is one of the best solutions for sharing various resources such as data storage, software, printers and internet connections. Using this technology, more people are operating from their houses instead of commuting their offices to work.

The process of setting up such a system is not only extremely simple but also inexpensive. Generation today, has well accepted such technology because it allows you more mobility than ever before. Using such technology, you can carry your laptop or computer anywhere without any hassle and tangling of cables or wires. This is certainly a perfect solution accomplishing different goals of life.

Benefits of this technology:

As compared to other networking solutions, it offers the following benefits of convenience, cost advantage and productivity:

· High Speed of Installation:

Installing it is not only easy and fast but it also obviates the requirement to pull cable wires through ceilings and walls.

· Flexibility:

The systems associated with this technology can be easily configured into a wide variety of network topology in order to meet the requirements of particular installation and applications. One can easily change and range configurations from peer-to-peer networks appropriate for few users.

· Mobility:

Using it, users have an easy access to information anywhere in the company or organization or outside. Thus, this mobility greatly supports enhanced productivity and new service opportunities that were previously not possible because of old technologies.

· Minimum Ownership Cost:

Although, the initial investment needed for this technology can be extremely higher, however the expense of overall installation and its life cycle cost can be comparatively lower. Long-term benefits are highest in the environments that require frequent changes and moves.

Few examples of wireless solution includes the following:

· The Amateur Radio Service

· Cordless sets of telephone-they have limited range and do not confuse them with mobile phones

· GPS (Global Positioning Systems) allows captain of ships and boats, drivers and pilots of aircraft to find the location on different parts of the earth.

· Professional and consumer Marine VHF radios

· Professional Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) and Land Mobile Radio ( LMR) are mostly by ]ublic, industrial and business entities.

· Satellite television-this has revolutionized the world. Sitting in your drawing room in any part of the world, you can view any channel of your choice.

· Cellular Pagers and Telephones-They provide great connectivity to mobile and portable applications, both business and personal.

· Cordless Computer Peripherals- One of the most common examples is cordless mouse. Other examples include printers and keyboards because they can be connected to computer through wireless.

Hence, there is no reason to deny that this technology has revolutionized the present world.

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